Auld Lang Syne 2017

So, here we are, the final Weekly Wrap of 2017 and on the cusp of a brand new year filled with endless possibilities. Oh, the races we will run and the places we will go! I have thoroughly enjoyed following all of you on your many adventures this year and look forward to seeing what 2018 holds for everyone.

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Peace Be With You

It’s Tuesday afternoon and I’m just now sitting down to write my weekly recap from last week. Why, you ask? Well, the truth of the matter is that Sundays are just too hectic for us and I’m not organized enough to have it ready the Saturday before. Usually I will get it done on Monday mornings while sipping my coffee but I didn’t even take the time to write it yesterday ….I believe I have a severe case of Spring Fever and I’m loving it! It’s just too dang pretty outside to be cooped up inside on the computer. I hope you are having beautiful spring weather wherever you are and if not, I hope you see some soon!

I’m weeklywraplinking up with Tricia and Holly for their Weekly Wrap. Please stop by and visit them and all of the other incredible women that link up each week! I had a great week of workouts last week that looked something like this …


Half marathon training is now in its second week and I’m taking it super easy, nothing fancy here. The name of this game is to just make it to Utah without aggravating my ankle and be able to actually complete 13.1 miles. And I’m good with that. Oh, I could go on and on about being frustrated that it’s taking so long for this injury to heal, that I’m not as fast as I used to be, that I’m a few pounds heavier than I was for my last half or I could even write an entire post about these dang orthotics …but I’m not. I have something else I’d like to share with you this week.

If you’ve been following me, you know that we recently moved to a new city in November. And like most runners would do, the first thing I did was to explore the neighborhood on foot …running, of course. On the edge of our neighborhood, there is a cul-de-sac which houses small businesses such as dentist, doctors, real estate offices. The first time I ran down that street I saw this in the cul-de-sac at the edge of the water….20170320_150713

…I noticed it and it struck me as an odd place for a funeral spray but didn’t have much more thought at the time. However, with each run I became more and more bothered by it and curious as to the circumstances behind it. I did happen to notice a small plaque on the ground with a name and dates engraved. It was a womans name and she was 35 years old at the time of her death. With every run, I would spend the remainder of the miles thinking about her, her family rather than my pace, tempo or niggles I may be feeling. I wondered did she leave children behind, a husband and parents. I would think how fortunate I was to be out there running, breathing in the crisp morning air, feeling my lungs fill with air and hearing the sound of my feet hit the pavement beneath me…fortunate to simply be alive. I would go home to my family and loved ones, I would be able to pick up the phone and call them to hear their voice and tell them that I love them. I would be able to kiss my husband when he walked through the door from work and I would be able to see my children. Blessings that I take for granted each day …blessings that we all take for granted each day. Many times we let anger, bitterness, discontentment and even jealousy cause strife between us and others. We refuse to forgive and offer grace to those that have wronged us and by doing so, we are only hurting ourselves and robbing ourselves of true contentment and peace. But sometimes, it’s ourselves that we are the hardest on, sometimes we just can’t forgive ourselves or let the past go and it sucks the joy of living right out of us. Let go of the past and reach for the future! Forgive yourself and forgive others, life is short and worth living to the fullest, free of anger and bitterness. One of my cousins wrote this the other day and I thought it was worth sharing….

We all lose our way at some point. Standing one minute, on the ground the next. We go from having options to flat being backed into a corner the next. One shoe after the other dropping….

The thing is, we dilute our potential when we fail to accept our past. Whatever it is. Good or bad.

That’s the beauty of the past… it’s over. Those who love you or who will come to love you will stand by you. So you’ve got a past, don’t we all bring things to the table? Don’t we all have demons we fight or have fought?

I’ve learned that if you love the heck out of people no matter what path they’ve walked, it drives people forward. And in turn drives you forward.

I don’t care about anyone’s past. I’ve got mine, you’ve got yours. Put those together and all I see is an ocean of wisdom.

Bring it, this world needs all our wisdom and love. Our younger generation needs to know that when everything goes south, that’s not the end. It just isn’t.

Turn the page of this old book called life. Torn pages, worn edges, broken spine. But such a good story.

G’night friends

– xoxo

As to the woman who lost her life at the edge of the water in my neighborhood, though I never knew her, I thank her for bringing perspective to my morning runs and I pray for continued peace for her family.

Peace be with you!


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one blessing at a time!










2016: Mission Accomplished

With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas holiday behind us and the excitement and curiosity of a new year right before us, it is natural to find ourselves reflecting back on the year. Was it everything we had hoped it would be when we were in this same place last year? Did we accomplish the goals we set for ourselves? Did we gain strength, both physically and mentally? Continue reading

Smile, you never know who’s watching…

Eleven months ago I left my job of seven years to take one as the manager/bookkeeper of a gym. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make because I would be giving up flexible hours and Fridays off for one of fairly strict hours. However, I decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go for several reasons:

  1. I loved being in the gym. After all, it’s where I had discovered the new “me” back in my early 40’s.

  2. I had, at one time, dreamed of how wonderful it would be to have my own gym. What better way to get your feet wet without the financial obligation than to manage one? Test drive it before you buy it!

  3. I thought this would be a great way for me to become even more fit! Makes sense, right? Ha! What a challenge that has been. It seems I have less time to workout now that I work in my favorite place than I ever did before. But that’s a story for another post.

Shortly after I began, a young wife new to the area, joined our gym. She didn’t know how long she and her husband would be in town and didn’t know anyone. I connected her with one of our personal trainers and she became a regular face in the morning hours. With an ever positive attitude and a welcome compliment tossed my way, I enjoyed getting to know this young lady and encouraging her along the way.

Today, she stopped by the gym for the last time to say “goodbye” as she and her husband are moving back to Georgia. As we southerners say ….she brought me a little “happy”, which,in itself, was incredibly thoughtful. A coffee mug with my favorite quote “find joy in the journey”. She said she had noticed my Momentum Jewelry bracelet, which I wore most days, had this quote on it. Honestly though, as sweet as this gesture was; it was her note that meant so much more. “….I cannot thank you enough for welcoming me and being that smiling face every day….” What?? Here I thought she was the smiling face, the one who always complimented me, making me feel pretty darn good about being almost 50!! After all, I was just doing my job, right?


My point is this …all of the reasons that I took this job were for ME and about ME. However, what I have found is quite the contrary. I’m finding that my purpose here may be far greater than furthering my own fitness journey. Instead, it may just be that my purpose is to not only encourage, motivate and educate others in their own fitness journey; but more importantly, my role is evolving into one of a listener, therapist, friend and “smiling face” for everyone that enters our doors.

So, to answer my own question …if being a friend and a”smiling face” to fellow gym goers is my job, then yes, I was just doing my job and I couldn’t ask for a better job!

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~Mother Teresa

🙂  Smile, the weekend is here!

Finding fabulous at fifty, one smile at a time


Two Are Better Than One

Accountability. Let’s face it, we don’t always like it but we all need it at times ….especially when it comes to fitness! We often think that taking that first step toward a healthier lifestyle, joining a gym and throwing out all of the junk food is the hardest step. We think that once we make that commitment, it will be a piece of cake (yes, I’m craving butter cream icing at the moment) to hop out of bed before daybreak to get that workout in before work. We will never crave another Reese’s Cup once we’ve actually “acquired a taste” for protein bars, right? Wrong! I’m here to tell you that no matter how far in the fitness journey you are ….you WILL have your weak moments, days and sometimes weeks. We all struggle with staying on track with our workouts and nutrition; especially when we aren’t seeing the results we want.  So, what do we do to combat these weak moments and get back on track? For me personally; it is imperative that I have someone to hold me accountable. Having a workout partner can support, encourage and keep you on track when life gets in the way.

Now let me be clear, I am not one of those people who cannot work out alone. I know some like that and frankly, I think they are missing out on some amazing experiences! To go for a run, alone, is one of the most intimate activities you can experience …hearing your feet pounding the pavement reminds you of your strength, hearing the sound of your labored breathing lets you know you’re alive, and being alone in your thoughts gives you a chance to get to know yourself better! I absolutely enjoy my solo runs, bike rides and gym sessions; however, I feel much more accomplished when I do these things with someone.

I am fortunate that my absolutely favorite workout partner is also my favorite travel companion, dance partner, soul mate and love of my life ….my amazing hubby! He supports and encourages me in everything I do and truly makes this journey one that is not only worthwhile but meaningful and adventurous.

We have done every 5k, 10k and half marathon together and I cannot tell you how much I’ve grown, not only to love, but anticipate seeing his smiling face and hearing him cheer for me as I cross those finish lines (he’s much speedier than me; therefore, always waiting for me at the end). We also lift weight together, hike and ride bikes. The beauty of it is this …when one of us is feeling sluggish, lazy and in a rut; the other is pumped and ready to go, which always helps to motivate and get the other back on track!

Typically, when your workout buddy is a friend, the two of you share similar interests in activities. He or she will not likely be willing to tackle a 3 hour hike if they have no interest in hiking or are afraid of heights. However; if you can secure your spouse as your workout partner, chances are they will be willing to do just about any activity that you are interested in as well. At least that is the case with mine … in point:


Woolmarket Duathlon

Even though the hubs isn’t particularly fond of cycling, he took on this duathlon with me simply because he knows how much I enjoy biking ….and he says it’s also because he likes the way my butt looks in bike shorts!

I’ve been talking about us buying a couple of kayaks to add to our adventure arsenal for several years now. When a weekend getaway to the coast didn’t pan out, my fabulous workout partner bought me this beauty! I promptly took her out for an hour long cruise on the lake while the hubby labored his legs on a 6 mile run ….what a wonderfully peaceful way to start your weekend!

Seriously though, how many wives get this excited when their husband brings this home to them after a trip to the family farm?!? True love, I tell ya! Sometimes, the best gifts really are free and I’ve had a ‘flippin’ good time with this one!




Whether your workout partner is your spouse, best friend, personal trainer or “man’s best friend”; they can be invaluable to your fitness routine, helping you stay motivated, encouraged, challenged and on track. Whatever your passion may be, find it and share it with someone …..because two is always greater than one!


Thoughts?   ….. I’d love to hear from you!

Do you enjoy a workout partner?

What are some of your favorite workouts?

Do you and your spouse workout together?

How do you deal with the struggles of staying on track?