Ultimate Coffee Date: August Edition

Good morning and welcome to the Ultimate Coffee Date! The original plan was that I’d be about 30 miles into a 62 mile ride this morning in Greenwood at the Bike, Blues and Bayous bike ride by now. However, it’s kind of difficult to participate in a ride when your bike is in the shop, so therefore, I’m coming to you from my couch with coffee in hand and sulking just a little. Of course all is not a total loss ….Major Hubs put a smile on my face when asked if I would like to go furniture shopping. Well, yes of course I do …right after my virtual coffee date with the ladies!

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June Ultimate Coffee Date

While the calendar marks the official beginning of summer in June, let me just say that we’ve been under the blazing hot blanket of summer for quite some time now and I think I’ve gotten too old and too menopausal to tolerate it! Wait, what? June? Already? Seems like just yesterday we were packing up Christmas decorations and setting goals for the new year! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! So, let’s continue the fun by catching up over coffee …. well, over virtual coffee with Coco and Deborah and their Ultimate Coffee Date link-up.

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Ultimate Coffee Date: May 2017

With April in the rearview mirror and the first Saturday of May upon us, it’s time for another edition of Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and CoCo where we have a virtual coffee date with one another to catch up, chit-chat, gossip, shoot the bull, etc. So, grab your favorite mug, get comfy in your favorite chair and let’s chat!May 2017 (1).png Continue reading

Ultimate Coffee Date …cream or sugar?

Ahhhh yes, waking up to a beautiful chilly morning on this first Saturday in February can only mean one thing, right? If you guessed “saturday long run”, I’d say nope. But if you guessed “Ultimate Coffee Date”, I’d say yes! So grab your favorite coffee mug, pour yourself a cup of Joe and let’s catch up …after all, it’s been a month since we last had coffee together.

If we were having coffee….. 

I’d tell you that I met my monthly goal of 50 running miles per month for January. Finished out the month with 54.1 running miles and 68 cycling miles. February will be a few days short, so I’ll have to make up a few miles here and there. I know, I know …some of you girls are putting that much in a week, but that’s a huge success for me considering the I hardly did any significant running the last half of 2016. The ankle is still tender after runs and stiff every morning, but I think I’m on my way back!19273-Steve-Prefontaine-Quote-Success-isn-t-how-far-you-got-but-the.jpg

If we were having coffee…..6df5fcaab24e6c3ad828cd4061049943

I’d tell you that little bright idea I had to do a juice cleanse …well, it wasn’t so bright. I’ve already told you guys that I bought some of the juices at my local grocery store to have a little “juice tasting” if you will (for the record, a wine tasting would have been preferable). Well, out of the SIX bottles that I bought only two of them actually tasted good and two were moderately tolerable and the other two I couldn’t even get past the second swig. So, there you have it….no juice cleansing for me. But now, this chick    ———–> she just may be on to something!

If we were having coffee……

I’d tell you that the hubs and I are still trying to nail down our summer vacation plans and that those “summer” vacation plans may end up actually being fall vacation plans due to Uncle Sam requiring some extra training of his unit this summer. We are toying with three options …a West coast trip, an East coast trip or a tropical destination. All of these will be fabulous, of course, and two of them would include a half marathon in a new state! Win! Stay tuned…50dd66bc924ef2ba626d05b6cfc574b6

If we were having coffee….

I’d tell you (this may come as a surprise to some of you) that although I’m a small town city girl (because there is a difference between small town and big town city girls), I do love spending time in the country. I love riding horses, walking in the woods, wading through a creek and shooting guns. Every year in February we have the Dixie National Rodeo in town for a couple of weeks. Usually, Major Hubs and I would drive over for one night to catch the rodeo and a concert (usually an up and coming country music star). I’m super excited that we can take in as many nights as we want now that we live in the same city ….because sometimes a girl just needs to put on her cowboy boots, hop in her husbands pick up truck and go watch some real men ride some bulls. One thing is for sure ….you won’t be seeing any man buns, skinny jeans or saggy pants at the rodeo! Giddy Up!this-is-how-real-men-wear-teir-jeans

Yes, I’ll leave you ladies with this image to ponder …you’re welcome! And if by chance you happen to prefer men in skinny jeans or saggy pants, my apologies …it’s definitely a generational and/or cultural thing.

Thanks for joining me for coffee this morning …I’m off to get a workout in. I do hope you enjoy your weekend and please be sure to visit our wonderful hostesses Coco and Deborah for their Ultimate Coffee Date linkup.the-ultimate-coffee-date2-1-600x600


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one cup of coffee at a time!

Singin’ the Blues but Feelin’ Fabulous!

Good morning from Mississippi, where the top half of our state is covered in ice! the-ultimate-coffee-date2-1-600x600I should have been up bright and early this morning running a half marathon …however, I’m curled up in front of the fire tuning in to this month’s Ultimate Coffee Date with Deborah and CoCo.  Not that I’m complaining, I do love a good “coffee date”! So grab your cup of coffee, hot tea or beverage of choice and let’s chat! Continue reading

Coffee Confessions: Shoe Addict

“Hi, my name is Teresa, and I am a shoe addict” ….I’ve always heard the first step toward recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I admit it. I have always loved shoes! As a little girl, I would play dress up by wearing my Mother’s high heels. My favorite being a pair of black patent leather pumps with a gross-grain rosette on top….I felt like a movie star in those shoes! I can vividly remember the day I got my very own pair of high heel shoes. I was in junior high school and I begged my mother to buy me a pair of ‘Candies’, the latest fad. Anyone else remember those? Anyone else care to admit that they remember those?? Yes, that was eons ago! I clomped around school all day in my candy apple red, patent leather of course, looking something similar to a newborn giraffe taking its first steps; but I felt like a million bucks! And so it was, from this moment on, I have been addicted to shoes. Throughout high school, college and early career; I bought shoes. While pregnant with my three children, I bought more shoes than ever since my feet were the only part of my body that wasn’t growing! By the time I reached my late 30’s, I had so many pairs of shoes that I couldn’t remember what all I had. Soooo, I set out to organize and clean out the closet. I bought clear plastic shoe boxes for each pair, wrote on the end of box a description of the shoe inside and stacked them all neatly inside my closet. Then I counted them, out of curiosity of course. Over 150 pairs! (and this did not include the bin of flip-flops and casual sandals I had)  I know, it’s insane. But shoes are important …they can make or break an outfit, right??

Funny how the tides of life can move you in a different direction, yet you still end up on the same shore. Fast forward 10 years ….20160902_072520_001

……my shoe addiction has changed somewhat. I no longer work in an environment where I dress up, rather I work in a gym where I wear athletic clothes everyday. I also have difficult, ornery, finicky, flat feet. I hate them really. They are not a runner’s dream….most likely rebelling from all the years of torture I put them though with the high heels! Because of this, I am always trying out different pairs of running shoes. Sixteen pairs, that is my current “collection”, and I do wear them all. The ones that my feet didn’t like to run in, I wear to work. Some are great for walking around all day in and lifting weights but just not ‘running material’. Besides, this way I have a pair to match whatever I wear to work that day …remember, shoes can make or break the outfit?? Seriously though,  while I have settled on Newton’s as the most friendly running shoe for my feet (on my 9th pair), they aren’t perfection.I have had fewer running related injuries while running in Newton’s than any other shoe so it would stand to reason that I would just keep buying them. Yet, I can’t fight my curiosity to try something new …that exciting, yet anxious, feeling when slipping on a new pair for the first time, wondering if these are going to be the ONES, the perfect pair of running shoes that allow my feet to run mile after mile without nagging aches, strains or blisters. And so, this brings me to the point of today’s post ….I’ve been eyeing another pair of running shoes online for about two weeks now. They’re calling my name, telling me that I should give them a try, that my feet are going to love them and they will solve all of my running woes! I’m still debating. Besides, there’s that little issue of the hubs …if he sees another pair of running shoes come into this house, he may have a ‘come to Jesus meeting’ with me, and with good reason.

Speaking of the hubs, I’m quite envious of him in regards to running. He’s one of those runners who decided to start running one day, went to Fleet Feet, was put through a gait test, put in a running shoe and started running. Since then he’s run thousands of miles, countless 5 and 10k’s, 6 half marathons and one full marathon in the same brand and model of shoes they put him in over 10 years ago. He just has good feet. I have to say, however; he is really supportive and understanding of my finicky feet and the need to find the perfect shoe. But let’s face it, a man can only take so much. Therefore, the purchase of yet another pair of running shoes will have to be handled in the most delicate of manners ….involving something lacy and sheer, perhaps! Lol

Until yesterday, I have been thinking that every runner out there was like my husband regarding their running shoes. They have all found the perfect pair, have no problems and never get blisters from a mere 6 miler. Then I stumbled upon this article from Runner’s world, 5 Common Myths About Running Shoes. Like most running articles, it really didn’t tell me anything that I, and most runners, didn’t already know….until I got to #4. Ahh ha!! There it is in black and white, from Runner’s World no less, the ultimate resource for running information, right??

4. Monogamy is a virtue.
When it comes to relationships, monogamy keeps you out of trouble. When it comes to shoes, monogamy can hurt you. Once they’ve experimented with several models, many runners find one shoe they like and state their lifelong loyalty. They then run in the same shoe every day, replace them with the same model and even stockpile them for the coming apocalypse of discontinuation. 
But running in different shoes can make you stronger, faster, and less prone to injury. Studies show correlations between running in a variety of footwear and reduced injuries. Every time you put on a different pair of shoes, your interaction with the ground changes slightly, thus you stride differently. This strengthens new muscles and connective tissues while reducing the repetitive stress on the same body parts.
Bottom line: Play the field with shoes. You can do this at the same time (have a different pair for speedwork than for long runs, for example) and consecutively—try a different pair when you replace your shoes. So many shoes, so little time.
While this makes perfect sense to me and certainly validates my ongoing quest for the perfect shoe; I also know that for some, like my husband, there really can be a perfect shoe. For as many brands, styles and models of running shoes on the market today, there are just as many different runners. Aren’t we the fortunate generation of runners to have so many to choose from….after all, variety is the spice of life!
I’m sure I’ll eventually give in to my curiosity to try this new pair of running shoes I’ve been eyeing and when I do, I’ll be sure to let you know how my feet like them. And if they don’t ..well, I’m sure they will look great with some of my work attire!
Finding ‘Fabulous” at Fifty….in every different brand, style, model and color of running shoe possible!
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Let’s talk…
Anyone else out there in a never ending search for the perfect running shoe?
Or are you like my hubby in that you’re feet have found ‘the love of their life’?
Did you run in a certain pair for years, then have to change due to an injury?
I’d love to hear what your feet  have to say on this topic?