Marathon Training Week 13: Southern Sole Sisters and #HoLottaPCB

After a wonderful, yet busy, Thanksgiving holiday with family, too much pecan pie and my first 15 mile run, I was more than ready for our long-awaited girls weekend in Panama City Beach. There had been talks of sunsets on the beach, spa treatments and trips to the quaint little donut shop nearby, and we could already taste the margaritas, mimosas and wine, oh my! Honestly, Thursday could not come quickly enough and I had to get a couple of workouts in to keep the ‘Coach‘ happy before leaving!26.2

Monday: Rest ….despite the fact that my entire body felt like trash on Saturday following my 15 miler, I actually felt pretty good by Monday. But hey, it’s always better to err on the side of caution, right?

Tuesday:  45 minutes on the Spin Bike and 10 minutes of Abs

Wednesday: 4 easy miles

Thursday: Beach bound!

Friday: Shenanigans

Saturday: 13.1 HOT miles

The fun stuff:

I hit the road a little before noon on Thursday headed to Meridian to meet up with Tricia. After loading entirely too many bags belonging to the LadyBird into her new super cool and super fast muscle car, we were beach bound and ready to see what that baby could do! After getting her up to 140 mph and a few burnouts (just kidding Major Hubs), we settled down and arrived safely in Panama City just in time for a lovely dinner with Holly.


We seriously look ‘high speed’, right???

After dinner and staying up until 3 am chatting and catching up (middle age women know how to party) we decided a little bit of sleep was in order. Once the coffee was flowing through our veins the next morning, we walked over to beach for an early morning stroll before heading to the airport to pick up Karen. IMG_20171201_112305_998Once retrieving our fellow ‘southern sole sister’, a trip to the donut store was in order before our afternoon ‘shenanigans’. Holly suggested an air-boat tour for the afternoon adventure and we were all more than eager to go looking for ‘gators!

After a turn at holding a live, ‘friendly’ alligator and a few instructions, we boarded our vessel and were off  ….skimming the waters and taking corners at high speeds with the greatest of ease!


Cute, isn’t he? Notice that he did not have his snout banded …yep, I volunteered to hold him while she closed the cage so that the others wouldn’t get out. Didn’t have a clue that they would band his mouth for everyone else to hold him!!! WTH???

While I have experienced an air-boat ride with my boys several years back, I must admit that this one, by far, exceeded my expectations. We saw a Bald Eagle, an Osprey feasting on a fish for lunch, Stumpy’s hang-out (an 11 ft alligator), some dolphins frolicking in the fresh water and a 3 ft alligator chilling by the bank …oh, and let’s not forget our bare-footed boat captain who was quite the character!

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We ventured out for pizza, packet pickup and Starbucks once we were done with the ‘gator hunt.


Strolling through shops at Pier Park looking for Karen who was looking for shorts….

After a mad dash to catch the sunset and some relaxing conversation at the beach house, we got our race gear ready and turned in at a decent hour.FB_IMG_1512275112027

Since Holly’s beach house was only a short drive to the starting line, it didn’t require the usual ridiculous early morning pre-race wake up. We arrived at Pier Park with just enough time to snap a few pics before heading to the starting line.20171202_071441

I’ll save all the race details for my recap, but I will tell you that it was quite toasty when we left the beach house and even warmer when we lined up at the starting line. None of us had any grand expectations at this point and were just looking forward to the post-race celebration ….gotta have motivation, right?

Holly had arranged for us to have pedicures and leg massages at a local spa after the race and I must say, that may have been the highlight of the weekend for me. I’m thinking a leg massage is a must after every 13+ mile run from here out!


Tricia and I toasting to a tough race while Holly and Karen get leg massages.

We ended our evening with a few drinks on the beach while taking in the beautiful sunset, dinner and lots of ‘girl talk’.


Sunday morning we said goodbye to one another knowing that it wasn’t a matter of if we’d see each other again, but WHEN we’d see each other again. Our weekend spent at the quaint little 1940’s beach bungalow where Holly had spent her childhood summers, the hottest 13.1 miles any of us have ever run in December and all of the late night transparent conversations had forged a friendship that will be cherished forever.

…..and that’s a wrap! Stay tuned for the race recap coming soon.

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Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one mile at a time!



Marathon Training Week 10

Ahhh yes ….I did miss last weeks Weekly Wrap and other link-ups as well, but not to worry, I am still in marathon training mode, still trying to fend off pesky injuries and still working out. To be honest, I was just plain tired last Sunday and didn’t have the energy to recap my week. The previous night, while Major Hubs was out of town for Guard drill (because doesn’t everything bad happen while our hubbies are gone???), I was awakened at 1:30 in the morning by the ear-piercing, heart pounding, nerve wrecking sound of my car alarm blaring inside the carport. Without going into all of the details, I’ll just summarize the incident by saying that apparently my key fob had lost its ‘brains’ and was sending erroneous ‘panic’ signals to my car every 10 to 20 minutes,  all night long! Needless to say, there was no sleep happening for me or my neighbors and I was totally wiped out the next day. After a couple of days spent at the dealership, a new key fob and a little ‘attitude adjustment ….all bells, buttons and whistles have been reset and she’s purring like a kitten again!

Other than that little hair-raising adventure, things have been pretty quiet and uneventful in my world. Marathon training is skipping along and while I still haven’t faced one of those 13+ mile training runs yet, I do have a half marathon on the plan for next weekend. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s look at this past week’s training.


Monday: Strength Training

I’ve been hitting the gym again the past couple of weeks making sure to get in at least two hour long sessions. I know that when I’m diligent with my strength training, I feel my healthiest and typically experience less running related injuries.


3 sets of 12 of these babies will give you a total body workout!

Tuesday: 5 mile easy run – avg pace 11:28

While it was still quite warm, humid and misting rain …the fall colors were out in full force!fallneighborhood

Wednesday: Strength Training, 40 min. Elliptical, 40 min Treadmill walk

Went to the gym early to get my strength training and cardio done. Major Hubs was planning on hitting the treadmill after work for his speed intervals, so I decided to go with him and get a little extra dose of cardio done. Although I really wanted to get a nice sweaty stairmill workout in, I also didn’t want sore legs and glutes for the remaining runs Coach HoHo had on my training plan. So, I decided to just do an incline walk on the treadmill. Wow! 40 minutes at an incline of 7 to 8 will definitely get the old heart rate up!


Battling with the ‘battle ropes’

Thursday: 4 mile progression run – 10:47, 10:31, 10:11, 9:58

I’ll be honest, when I saw the target paces Coach HoHo had for me, I thought …’no way that’s happening’  However, not only did it happen, but I actually completed them a little faster! I know, I know ….now I’ve set myself up for an even more challenging progression run next week. Sigh.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8 miles – avg pace 11:17

It was a beautiful, crisp, cool morning in the low 50’s …perfect running temps in my book. My target pace was supposed to be at least 11:00 mm. Even though I actually felt good during this run, I just couldn’t sustain that pace for the entire 8 miles. My ankle started bothering me the last couple of miles so I just backed off and finished easy. While I really do want to push myself to reach certain paces and finish times, I have to keep reminding myself that my focus has to be on the marathon and getting to the starting line uninjured. I know my body’s weaknesses and pushing myself to run faster too soon will get me injured quicker than anything else.  Not gonna lie though, it’s hard. I have a goal time in mind for next weekend’s half marathon and I’m not hopeful that I will be able to accomplish it ….that is, without aggravating an old injury.  I’ll just have to keep telling myself ….the marathon is the goal, the marathon is the goal.  We’ll see how effective that will be, I’m pretty hard-headed.


Will I see any of you in Columbus, Georgia next weekend?

Speaking of soldiers, have you taken the time to thank a Veteran this week? After all, it is because of their service, sacrifice, dedication and love for this great nation that we all enjoy the freedoms we so often take for granted. As I wrap up this week’s recap, I’ll leave you with a picture of my favorite veteran, my hero and my love …Major Hubs! #hooah


Deployment Homecomings are the best!

I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. Be sure to visit these blogs this week as these two have had an exciting weekend! WeeklyWrap


Finding “Fabulous” at Fifty, one week at a time!

Marathon Training Week 7: Fall’s Arrival

It’s Fall y’all ….finally! It has felt fabulous this past week down here in the deep south and I couldn’t be happier. Although, having lived here all of my life, I know all too well, that warmer temps are always lurking just around the corner. Therefore, we do our little happy dances, light our fire pits, cook chili and enjoy the cooler temps whenever we can get them!

Marathon training is going well, mainly because it still feels like half marathon training at this point. I don’t think the reality of full marathon training will hit me until I see a 14+ miler on my plan. Yikes! But there’s no need worrying about that now, as I keep telling myself to just take this one week at a time. Speaking of, let’s see how last week went …

26.2 Continue reading

Marathon Training Week 6: Favorite Running Gear

Since I’m late to the Weekly Wrap party, I thought I’d kill two birds link-ups with one stone post. Training is going well and I’m surprised at how quickly that double-digit long run showed up in the training plan in comparison to half-marathon training plans. Considering that I had not run longer than 4 miles since the Utah Valley Half in June, I was pleasantly surprised that I handled that 10 miler on Saturday like I’d been running long all summer. That’s not to say it was effortless …you’ll never hear me say any long run is effortless because I just don’t believe they exist. Anyway, let’s see how last week’s workouts played out and then chat a little about running gear.26.2 Continue reading

Marathon Training Week 5: Steady She Goes

Another week comes to a close and once again, it’s time for the Weekly Wrap! I’ve been so inspired and motivated today by all of the Instagram posts of all those who took to the streets of Chicago this morning to run the 40th Chicago Marathon. Congratulations to you all …time to celebrate and relax!

It was an uneventful week of marathon training for me as I am still very early in my training cycle ….so I’m keeping things slow and steady with the sole purpose of reaching the starting line (and hopefully the finish line as well) uninjured.

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Marathon Training Week 4: If’s, And’s and Sore Butts

I’ll just cut right to the chase, it was a rough week for marathon training and I have a lot of excuses for a shotty week of training. While I thought the recovery from the Dam Century Ride would be a piece of cake, being that I felt remarkably well on Sunday and Monday, my post century glory was abruptly halted by a UTI, bruised sit bones, fatigue and a new foot pain. Lesson learned …never underestimate the havoc a tiny little bike seat can wreak on one’s nether regions over the course of 100 miles! But before I digress into the TMI category here, let’s see how my week went down….

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Marathon Training Week 2: Settling In

How can it be Sunday already? My days have been consumed with two things …1. moving and 2. getting my workouts in.  Since we don’t have to be out of the rental house until the end of this month, we’ve been taking the move slowly, making a couple of trips a day, painting, replacing fixtures, etc. While it obviously is taking longer, this method has made it much more bearable. The movers are set to come on Wednesday for the big stuff and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Speaking of the light at the end of the tunnel ….it just may be the light from the Johnny Ray train heading my way! After many months of chatter, CenturyRiHolly and I have finally found a century ride that works well for both of our busy schedules and are going to attempt to put our money where our mouths are! This coming Saturday, we will cruise the back roads of rural Alabama and circumnavigate the old Johnny Ray Trail line and even have the opportunity to cross a WWII era steel bridge. Whether we go the extra 44 miles to crush a century or stop at 63 to settle for a metric, one thing is for certain …there will be lots of fun, giggles and snacking amongst the pain and gnashing of teeth! Wish us luck! Continue reading